Our aim is to help businesses make their energy usage ethically clean.


We provide businesses with a free consultancy service to help them understand the levies and taxes in their bills. We assess their business model and work with them to create a road map to reduce CO2 and achieve the best carbon zero options for their business.

We offer a comprehensive range of the core products available that make a major impact on billing while showing ALL the prices of potential contract renewal.

Since we make no mark up on our hardware solutions, we are truly product independent, and you will own the hardware at the end of the utility agreement.


Businesses of all sizes struggle to understand what carbon zero means.

It is all about energy usage. Simply swapping to a green tariff does not cut your carbon. While some products like biomass may be classed as carbon neutral by the Government, clearly the environmental damage done in making the product and its fuels is significant.

So how do we make your energy supply clean and affordable?

We have the largest hardware portfolio in the UK with 14 hardware and software products, providing the biggest impact on business bills and the health of the planet.

We visit client sites, look at the bills, then check the premises to see what has already been done to reduce cost and CO2. We then do an all of market search for future pricing of contracts and provide the products and services we recommend with no upfront costs.

We fund the products through your energy account based on wholesale prices – not retail prices.

The energy companies provide us with a commission to cover our costs and services.