Wind Turbines are available in many different sizes to suit your specific requirements. From simple mini turbines, from time to time linked with mini solar units to drive CCTV applications, to domestic and farming solutions and full size single turbines and wind farms.

They can be used, with a little help of mother nature, to generate electricity for your business, home or local community.

Any excess energy generated by your wind turbines can be returned to the National Grid and by doing this you can benefit from RHI payments.

Alternatively you can harness the harvested energy and use ESaaS, Energy Storage as a Service, or as it is more commonly known battery storage solutions as a means to keep the energy on site.

The planning requirements for Wind Turbines vary per region in the UK & Ireland and as some areas such as the Orkney Isles and Cornwall have an over supply of energy to the local grid, there may be restrictions to your application. If this is the case we recommend you look at our wider portfolio for other smart energy solutions.

Picture kindly provided by Enercon