Driving down energy costs is a complex journey that make take years to achieve.

At Gaeltel, we want to help you on that journey and help you discover the evidence to justify your actions and support your plans.

This might mean that you need a little more clarity on your energy usage than just your incoming meter readings.

There are two options that we can provide.

  • If you have half hourly billed meters we can provide real time monitoring of your energy usage direct from your desktop PC or digital device.
  • If this is not sufficient you may wish to take a more detailed view.

Knowing what devices are using power and when, in the cases of power hungry machinery, their power profiling, capturing of data, analysing and visualising it, will assist in prioritising where to concentrate your resources and effort. And of course, once you begin your implementation, you will be able to quickly identify the changes, the savings and highlight the next area to tackle.

Gaeltel can help you design and fit smart energy monitoring systems to meet your needs, however complex.

From adding a few current monitoring clamps in targetted areas, to full energy monitoring profiles for each major device or circuit, Gaeltel can help you.

We can then provide you sound advice and assistance on the data analyses and how you may be able to take advantage of our other products to meet your energy needs.

Picture kindly provided by Viable Ventures