Heat your home/business and water using a free energy source? Ground Source Heating makes this possible.

Energy from the sun heats and ground and the Earth stores this heat at a constant temperature all year round. Although this temperature is not very warm, Ground Source Heating can tap into this natural energy source. The heat energy is captured by pumping water through an array of pipes buried in the ground – from as little as 2 metres but this varies with location.

A ground source heat pump takes the low temperature heat from the ground and ‘upgrades’ it to a higher temperature providing heat for the building and/or hot water. This technology can be utilised for both heating in the Winter and for cooling in the Summer. In a typical system, for every unit of electrical energy used to run the system, between 3 and 5 units of heat are produced.

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There are two types of system which can be used:

1. Closed Loop

The same fluid is continually pumped through the system

2. Open Loop

Ground water from water wells in pumped through the system and return via another well

Both Ground Source Heating system provide the following advantages:

  • Multifunctional – space and water heat
  • Huge cost saving on bills
  • Very low or zero carbon energy