Picture courtesy of Rolec EV

Looking to install Electric Charging Points for home, business or commercial use? We’ve got you covered.

In recent years, the sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) have exploded – sales ranged in the tens of thousands 10 years ago but are now in the hundreds of thousands. With Electric Vehicles becoming more popular, the demand for Electric Charging or EV Charging solutions has grown rapidly.

At Gaeltel, we have partnered with ROLEC to provide electric charging points to suit your requirements:

1. For Home Use

We are able to provide an electric charging point at home. Having a electric charging station at home is becoming very popular and is becoming common place for many EV drivers.

2. For Business Use

Encourage your workforce to consider using EVs by having an EV charging network at your business.

3. For Commercial Use

If you have a few or a fleet of EVs, we have able to supply chargers to power your commercial vehicles.

Whatever your requirements for an EV Charging station, there are a number of benefits selecting our Electric charging points:

· Smart Charging – control the charging using our mobile app

· Grant Fundable – financial help available to start electric charging

· Superfast Charging – Rapid charging units available

· Flexible Product Range – chargers suitable for both public and private use