Looking to lower electricity and heating bills simultaneously? Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the solution.

Combined Heat and Power (also known as Cogeneration) allows the production of usable heat and power at the same time. It is this dual function which is the key in CHP’s ability to save energy.

At the heart of a CHP Installation, there is a ‘prime mover’ i.e. a heat engine which provides motive power to drive an electrical generator and produce heat. Different ‘prime movers’ can utilise different fuels and meet different heat demand, thus making it a very flexible system.

Decentralised Heat and Power

In centralised conventional power stations, the heat generated during power generation is wasted.  This represents up to 50% of the energy input! 

However, with CHP this usually wasted heat is used locally to replace existing site heat loads.   Essentially CHP makes more efficient use of the fuel and recycles the heat energy ready for use as well as producing electricity. This means significant cost saving and primary energy savings of 28%.

Our partners at Biosus Energy produce Packaged CHP systems to meet your requirements for residential and business use. For more information about Packaged CHP Systems.

The advantages of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Units are:

  • Dual purpose – usable heat and electricity
  • Flexibility fuel and heat output requirements
  • Sizable cost savings
  • Packaged systems to meet customer requirements
  • Reducing national CO2 emissions by displacing central gas power generation. (Ref)

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