Heat your home or business using the air outside? Air Source Heating makes this possible!

Air Source Heating

An Air Source Heating System utilises the outside air to provide heating for your home or business. It works like a standard refrigerator but in reverse. An Air Source Heat Pump absorbs the heat (even at very low temperatures) from the outside air. This heat is absorbed into a fluid, which is then compressed to increase the temperature. The pump does require electricity to operate, but the heat output is greater than the electricity needed to power it.

It is this higher temperature heat which can be used by two types of heat pumps. These types of heat pumps are:

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

These pumps transfer the captured heat to water. This heat can then be distributed by a wet central heating system to radiators and underfloor heating pipes.

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

The pumps circulate the captured heat using fans. However, this system will not produce hot water.

There are several benefits to using Air Source Heating, these include:

  • Very low or zero carbon energy source
  • Installation cost offset with various grants
  • Savings on energy bills – dependent on what system it would replace
  • Very efficient – heat your home/business and your water