Heat Networks

The Energy and Climate Change Directorate is the Scottish Government department responsible for helpingScotland become a prosperous low carbon economy, with secure, affordable and sustainable energy;promoting Scotland’s climate change, clean energy and energy efficiency programmes internationally;working locally to help individuals, businesses and communities make sustainable choices. Please see attached document which sets out the development […]

Research student helping Gaeltel

A post graduate student from Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen is helping us this summer as part of a summer placement scheme organised by the University. Matteo is helping Gaeltel by doing some research on global market development for carbon reducing products. Thus ensuring Gaeltel is keeping up to date with new products in the […]

New levies – electric metering

Businesses who are billed by their energy providers on half hourly electric meters are starting to wake up to the realisation that many new levies have been introduced in April 2018 including Duos,TnuoS, FIT, Red , Amber and Green fees. Feel free to call us and we can explain how these costs can be minimised […]