Gaeltel are the UK’s leading provider of Smart Energy Solutions to business.

We are pleased to introduce you to our team of expert staff.

CEO - Eddie Pellegrom
Eddie Pellegrom
Chief Executive Officer

Eddie is a Dutchman living in Scotland. He has had a long and successful career in corporate sales. His sales career has been mainly in telecoms and more recently in smart energy. Starting Gaeltel in 2016 was a firm step in the direction of creating a net carbon zero future for businesses.

Eddie has an innovative approach to ensuring businesses can receive the correct advice and support to help them on their carbon neutral journey.

COO - Susan Pellegrom
Susan Pellegrom
Chief Operating Officer

Susan has had a wide and varied experience of management in the NHS. She brings to the company her ethos of hard work and integrity with her visionary capabilities to drive the business forward.

Having managed local, regional and national service development and capital projects she brings a depth of portfolio experience with her.

Susan’s commitment is to help businesses move towards a more sustainable future for all.

Wesley Beckenham

Since childhood, Wesley has been extremely passionate about the environment – and all the wildlife, big or small, that inhabit our world.

Since an early age, his involvement in the Veterinary Industry, where he has held several senior positions, both in Africa and Europe, has given him a clear insight into the negative impact a changing environment is having on the natural world as a whole – and the living creatures that inhabit our planet with us.

His commitment to being an active participant in ‘stopping the clock’ on global warming and stemming the decline in our wildlife is clear for anyone to see.

With Gaeltel, Wesley knows he now has the platform to assist companies in becoming more sustainable and moving closer to carbon neutrality – and thus help halt the negative impact we are having on the world around us.

Duncan Paterson
Duncan Paterson

Duncan sees energy as a key ingredient for every business activity. He aims to promote and enable distributed power generation which empowers local economies and reduces the carbon footprint of energy supply.

He is working to challenge conventional wisdom. Over-consumption of the earth’s resources and the resultant rapid change in climate has brought about a crisis. A major switch to sustainable activities is required.

Garth Way
Garth Way

Garth has always been a ‘save the planet type of person’. He feels strongly that we should be considerate of the need to protect the planet from the effects of consumerism. In business and engineering he drives to implement practical, sustainable energy solutions. 

He has worked as a managing director in a manufacturing company and technical director focused on recycling, waste to energy and waste minimization projects. He has also worked in oil and gas, investment banking and consultancy.

Partner Manager - Guy Bastable
Guy Bastable
Partner Manager

Guy was born in Luton but moved to Aberdeenshire in 1990. Guy and his family had a 9-year stint in Kenya.  Guy has been in sales for 40 years, delivering results for some of the best-known names in the UK market: Dunlop Tyres, MGM Assurance, Scottish Power, and United Utilities to name a few. His customers have been in the public, private, and charitable sectors. He has sold directly: into the domestic market as well as to businesses of every size (micro to enterprise). He has also sold indirectly: recruiting, training, and managing channel partners.

Operations Manager - Jonny Miller
Jonny Miller
Operations Manager

For 30 years, Jonny’s career has covered sales and customer relationship management, but for the past 12 years, he has been working solely within the energy market.

Jonny has a real passion for this industry, closely engaging with businesses in the SME, Mid-Market and Corporate sectors.

He believes in offering great customer service, based upon honesty and integrity by establishing and understanding clients requirements.

He knows how vital it is, especially now, that by offering advice and smart energy solutions to businesses, they are not only on the road to becoming carbon neutral but they are playing their part in saving the planet.

Karl Devlin
Sales Manager Ireland

Karl lives in Northern Ireland and has supported many different businesses throughout his working career.

He worked with Invest Northern Ireland for 16 years and held a senior management position with the organisation. He worked with SME’s and larger corporations and helped them develop their export strategies to increase exports to many different countries.

He has recently joined Gaeltel Ltd to help the company develop its business in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. He will be responsible for developing a sales team to support SME and Corporate customers.

Karl has been encouraged with the response to Gaeltel and its portfolio of 18 energy saving solutions and feels that the company has entered the market at the right time when so many businesses are experiencing rising utility costs.